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The ‘Project Manager’ Vacancy

Someone who can make it happen!

We’ve been busy and are looking to expand our team with a planning superhero.

We’re looking for someone to join us at our Poole HQ studio in a Project Management role. Someone who can help us to ‘get stuff done’ and naturally organises everything they do in milestones and beautiful Gantt charts (yeah, right). Someone who appreciates the value of hard work, teamwork and global collaboration.

Our niche is tech branding. We love it, after all, everyone wants it, so we’re dedicated to delivering beautiful and technically creative deliverables to companies around the world. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to be a tech nerd (although that does unlock extra kudos), but you will need to be a leader, communicator and decision-maker to deliver high end quality projects on time and budget.

You’ll need to be passionate about your work, be able to inspire and motivate the rest of the team and have a natural feel for planning multiple projects simultaneously whilst keeping your calm (very British). We’re global, so you’ll be working with like-minded professionals in the UK, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Switzerland and other locations around the world.

You’ll be joining a great team of Beeple! We are committed, driven, and down to earth, there’s no BS here. This really is a fantastic opportunity to become an integral part of something special.

Typical working day:

  • Arrive energised (grabbing a coffee normally helps)
  • Check in on emails and messages before the first meeting of the day starts
  • Catch up with the senior team and agree prioritise for the day
  • Fire up your project planner to check the deadlines, budget and scope
  • Work together with the team and address any issues
  • Grab some lunch and maybe catch some rays on the quay
  • Check in with the team and ensure everyone is still on track
  • Ensure the team have everything they need to achieve their objectives
  • Slack, email, call (yes, call), message and communicate
  • Report back to ensure we’re all on the same page

If you’re the right person, we’re pretty sure you’ll know what we’re looking for and if you fit the mould. So do reach out, this is just a brief overview of the role and to say our door is open. We’d love to get to know each other a little better to see if we’re a match.

Sound good?

Who doesn't love a good ol' fashioned form eh? It's only a short one, so drop in your details and attach your portfolio or CV before hitting Send Details.

Closed Job: The ‘Project Manager’ Vacancy